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Why Alanis Epoxy

Alanis Epoxy team stands behind the quality of craftsmanship in the epoxy flooring industry. With our attention to detail and exceptional customer service, we ensure that every project is brought to reality. You can rely on us for all our extended experience in the industry, professionalism and passion to deliver amazing epoxy flooring results that will increase not only the durability but the beauty of your space.
Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Metallic Epoxy Floor In A Toronto Commercial GarageResurfaced Concrete Stairs

We offer professional epoxy coating installations as a reliable and durable surface for residential, commercial and industrial flooring.

Our Epoxy Floor Systems

At Alanis Epoxy, we offer the most durable and popular decorative epoxy floor systems. Different flooring types we offer come with their own set of aesthetic and functional advantages, ensuring that you find the ideal solution for your specific flooring requirements.

Epoxy flake floor coating in commercial property

Decorative epoxy flake

A decorative epoxy flake flooring system is a great alternative to your commercial, residential, or garage space. Its wide variety of colour options and flake sizes creates a unique and attractive surface. Epoxy flakes are decorative chips that are made from vinyl materials. They are available in different sizes: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.

Metallic Epoxy Floor In A Toronto Commercial Garage

Metallic Epoxy Floors

A unique application with resin mixed with different colour pigments to create different design patterns as well as imitate marble, natural water flow, etc. It is finished with a high-wear durability top coat in various choices, whether it is high gloss or matte. This unique system offers a seamless, glossy surface with a one-of-a-kind design, making each floor different from the others.

Industrial epoxy floor coating in a warehouse based in Toronto

Solid Colour Epoxy Floors

Solid colour epoxy flooring system is a high-performance coating system that consists of multiple coats: the primer coat and the base. The solid colour epoxy system is done with a high-wear topcoat for added durability.

Polyurethane cement coating in a commercial kitchen

Polyurethane cement

Polyurethane cement is a highly durable, seamless, resinous flooring system designed for heavy-duty applications. It combines 2-part polyurethane technology with portland cement, aggregates, and other additives to create a highly functional resinous matrix. These systems are commonly used in all industrial and commercial applications and can be modified to varying thicknesses, textures and cure schedules to meet the needs of a particular application.

Polyaspartic flake floor coating

Polyaspartic Floors

Polyaspartic floor coatings are typically two-part systems consisting of a resin and a catalyst to facilitate fast curing. Polyaspartic coatings resist marking from hot car tires, making them well-suited for garage use. The advantages of polyaspartic coatings are extreme durability, fast return to service, UV stability (polyaspartic coatings hold colour better than epoxy coatings and will not yellow), abrasion and chemical resistance in tough environments.

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